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E-Scooters & E-Bikes: Get The Facts Right (on the road)

There’s a lot of confusion within the UK on current legislation towards electronic vehicles, mainly pertaining to e-scooters and e-bikes driving on the road. Electric Scooters E-Scooters have such a grey area on the legality of electric scooters. Can you ride them on the road? Can you ride them on motorways? Can I legally ride … Read more

GCI Cycle To Work : Get Involved

If you’re on PAYE, this cycle to work scheme is perfect for you. Reducing emissions is always a good thing, tax incentives are also really good. This is why the GCI Cycle to Work scheme is great. As long as you’re on PAYE and your employer is on board then you can be eligible! How … Read more

Batteries: The Run Down

Batteries are an essential part of our electric scooter, but they’re also quite complex. To start with the obvious, the battery acts as your ‘fuel tank’ for your electric scooter. It’s responsible for storing energy that is used by the controller, motor, lights and every other electrical component of your scooter. Most electric scooters will … Read more

The Next Evolution In Go – Kart Racing

Ourselves at EV-Tek strive on bringing in the new wave of the Electric Revolution, and we aren’t changing that any time soon. The next generation of Go-Kart racing is coming very soon and you’re going to want to be apart of it. Keep an eye out on our news section and/or our Facebook page to … Read more

e scooter Tyre : Which one is best for you?

e scooter Tyre

E-scooter tyre, Tubeless, inner-tubes, solid or air pocket solid… which is best ? When it comes to the selection of tyres we have as e-scooters, there’s no general right or wrong answer. Everything is down to preference and what you feel is best suited for you. In this article, we’re going to breakdown the tyre … Read more

Maintenance Safety Tips for Your Scooter

scooter maintenance

Here’s a full guide on maintenance safety tips for your scooter & how to operate and maintain your electric scooter. The perfect guide for first time buyers or experienced riders who want a refresh on the fundamentals! Electronic scooters are still a relatively new wave and there’s still a lot of questions for people on … Read more