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Maintenance Safety Tips for Your Scooter

Here’s a full guide on maintenance safety tips for your scooter & how to operate and maintain your electric scooter. The perfect guide for first time buyers or experienced riders who want a refresh on the fundamentals!

Electronic scooters are still a relatively new wave and there’s still a lot of questions for people on how to properly maintain your scooter and maximise it’s riding potential. Today we’re going to go through the general tips for making sure you get the most out of your investment.

First and foremost, electric scooters are powerful and complex machines and are by no means toys. Due care and diligence must be used while operating any electric scooter. We highly recommend taking your scooter out in a safe area with no obstructions to get use to the acceleration of the electric scooter and using the brakes.

First Time Riding Tips

For your first time riding your scooter, there’s a few things you can do to help make the process of getting comfortable a lot easier.

We recommend wearing appropriate, flat shoes. Trainers are mainly what you would want to wear. Please don’t scoot in flip-flips, sandals or high heels.

You MUST wear a helmet at all times and if it feels necessary other protective gear such as elbow and knee pads will help too. Padded gloves are a great addition also and can really help with gripping the handlebars.

If you’re riding in the dark of the night, wearing visible and reflective clothing is essential. Having lights on your scooter is also essential.

Just as you can’t use your phone while driving, please don’t use it while riding your scooter.

It might not seem necessary to read the manual of your new scooter, but it really is. There’s a lot of features that aren’t obvious to you without reading the manual and not only can you discover some really cool features you may have not known, you will also learn specific-to-your scooter ways to look after your electric scooter.

Always be alert when riding your scooter. Look out for kerbs, pot holes, people, cars and ANYTHING else that you could crash into.

The stem of your scooter is a rather delicate piece. It can be subjected to wear and tear due to misuse of the scooter. Please remember, do not pull or push the handlebars/stem of your electric scooter. The best thing to do is shift your body weight for turning and such.

Legislation on electric scooters in the UK

Unfortunately, electric scooters are currently illegal to use on UK roads, pathways and cycle lanes. They should only be used on private property with the landowners express permission. Ourselves at EV-Tek are working towards changing legislation to enable to legalisation of e-scooters. Keep updated on our Facebook page or here on our news section to keep updated with the happenings of the ever-changing landscape of electric scooter legislation.


Like we mentioned earlier, electric scooters are still a relatively new thing and it can be difficult to really know the ins and outs of the maintenance work that may need to be done. Our maintenance guide below is set into two different sections, the battery and everything else. Please keep constant maintenance of your scooter to avoid costly repairs. If you have any queries please to do not hesitate to contact us through our email, contact form or our phone number.

Electric Scooter Battery Maintenance

The battery on your scooter is really the most important part of your scooter. All of our scooters hold lithium-ion batteries which are high performance, low weight and physically much smaller than comparable lead-acid batteries of the past. Advances in battery technology mean that modern batteries are able to provide better efficiency and longer lasting power than ever before.

All batteries, however, have a life-cycle and when you notice a decreased ability to provide lasting charges this normally means your batteries life is coming to an end. However, we have the following advice to maximise the life of your electric scooter battery.

It’s recommended to not fully deplete the charge from the battery. Keeping it topped up at 90% is advised to prevent overcharging from KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System, which converts your forward momentum to battery charge when braking.) For the longest lifespan, research shows it’s best to store your scooter at around 90% charge.

Most lithium-ion batteries have a life cycle of 500-1000 charge cycles. A charge cycle involves taking the battery from 100%-0%-100%. Keeping it topped up reduces the number of full cycles.

The daily operating temperature also plays a factor in the life of your battery. Extreme conditions outside of the manufacturers specified limits may cause the battery health to suffer tremendously.

We highly recommend only using the charger that was supplied by the manufacturer with your electric scooter. Batteries can differ vastly for each scooter when it comes to voltage, power, size and weight. Therefore, using chargers from other scooters, older chargers or other types of chargers may lead to undercharging, overcharging or improper charging. This will then lead to lasting damage to your electric scooter or even worse completely withdraw the functionality from your scooter.

Folding Joints

Folding joints are not rigid/fixed connections and may become loose over time. These can be adjusted as and when using basic household tools or even tools provided to you by the e-scooter manufacturer. The manual in the box with your electric scooter will provide you with a specific guide on how to do this.


Electronic scooters have many different methods of braking, so the best advice is to consult your manual for specific instructions on how to maintain your specific type of brakes appropriately. E-scooters with disc brakes are subject to wear, just like any other brake that requires brake pads. Eventually, they will need to be replaced. The discs themselves may also need to be adjusted so they maintain the expected level of braking. Your brakes should ALWAYS be checked before every single use of your e-scooter to ensure no accidents.


Your electronic scooter will have one of two tyre types. Inflatable inner tube tyres or a solid composite tyre. Most scooters can be changed to either of these tyre types upon request. Tyres will be worn down over time and should always be replaced when the tread is gone. The pressure of your inner tube tyres should always be maintained to avoid unnecessary wear and tear. Also, some scooters have a rear heel brake which will cause your rear tyre to wear quicker than your front.


It is heavily recommended to have regular services. A lot of problems that can be fixed really easily go unnoticed, therefore causing much bigger and costly repairs to be had or even worse, a completely broken scooter. Ourselves at EV-Tek have a dedicated service and repair workshop and can cater for nearly every need you could have. Whether that’s a repair, service or upgrade, we can do it for you.

Repairs and Warranty

When claiming under warranty, we will investigate the product and if needed send your electronic vehicle to the manufacturer to conduct their own investigation. If a product is faulty we will let you know and do the appropriate repairs. If the issue is not valid under warranty we will explain why and give you a breakdown of the price and parts needed.

General wear and tear or any damage caused by misuse is NOT covered by warranty. A warranty solely covers you against faults due to manufacturing errors.

If the problem is not covered by warranty a quote will be supplied to you for repair or replacement and shipping costs. All warranty claim decisions are final.

Accidental or crash damage is not included in the warranty. Damage from aggressive riding, water damage, exceeding the weight limit or anything else that results in damage caused by the user is not covered by the warranty.

If you bring in your electric scooter for repair, our process is normally the same.

We will take your scooter and give it to our repair person, they will look at the scooter and assess what parts need to be bought (if needed) and will also calculate how much it will cost for labour. Our labour costs breakdown as;

£25/hr – Mechanical Labour
£35/hr – Electrical Labour

If you weren’t quoted a price when you handed it in or the price quote is not accurate to the actual cost, we will contact you to make sure you’re okay with the price. If you are okay with the price, great! We will crack on with the repair, which we normally estimate to take 3-5 days.
If you’re not happy with the price, no problem! We will give you the scooter back as you gave it to us. We will never go forward with a repair without express permission from the party that handed in the electric scooter for repair.

That was quite a read, wasn’t it? Congratulations if you made it down this far! It’s really important to educate yourself on electric scooters if you are the proprietor of one, so many situations that could’ve been easy are made very difficult just simply due to the fact that negligence can be caused when you might not even know what your doing is detrimental for the scooter. With educating yourself, we can promise you, your experience with your scooter will improve expeditiously and you will save a huge amount of money on repairs that could’ve been solved much easier with just a little bit of knowledge and foresight. Now you know, you’re ready to go! Whatever scooter you have, we truly wish you a safe and enjoyable time. Have a nice day!


Here at Ev-tek All of our vehicles come with a one year warranty and a free service after six months. It is highly recommended to service your electric scooter semi-regularly as a lot of small, easy and cheap to fix problems can become a lot worse and cause unnecessary detriment to your scooter and possibly a hefty repair bill.

We offer repairs, services and upgrades on all electric scooters & bikes. Please feel free to contact us!

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