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Dualtron MX 1.5 Electric Scooter


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Dualtron Electric Scooter

Dualtron has consistently provided high performance electric scooters, the Dualtron MX 1.5 electric scooter is no different.

Power Comes First

Boasting a power 1800w dual motor totalling 3600w, this Dualtron electric scooter cuts no corners when it comes to power. On top of that, the 37 mile range is thanks to a powerful 60v battery that does not disappoint. With that in mind, the Dualtron MX 1.5 electric scooter is also near-perfect for off-road exploration. Specifically, the 10″ inch tyres with the possibility of fitting off-road tyres and a rubber suspension will help you when tearing it up on the dirt trails.

Multi-Function Display

The EY3 is a huge plus for this scooter and for good reason. This is because it has the ability to clearly show statistics as standard such as battery life, riding time and distance and speed all at the touch of the button with the option to also tinker with all the settings to personalise your Dualtron electric scooter for optimum comfort and stability.

All of our vehicles come with a one year warranty and a free service after six months. It is highly recommended to service your electric scooter semi-regularly as a lot of small, easy and cheap to fix problems can become a lot worse and cause unnecessary detriment to your scooter and possibly a hefty repair bill.

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Display EY3 LCD Display with Throttle
Charge Time 9hr
Scooter Weight 28kg
Max Weight 120kg
Top Speed 15mph
Max Range 37 miles
Brakes Dual disc mechanical
Power Output 1800w (x2)
Battery 60v, 18.2aH, Non-LG
Lights Dual LED headlight and taillight, built-in brake light
Tyre Size 10″
Suspension Front and rear spring and rubber suspension
Unfolded Size 1125 x 1170 x 500 (mm)
Foldable Yes