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E-Twow Booster Plus S2 Electric Scooter




E-Twow Booster Plus S2

The E-Twow Booster Plus S2 electric scooter boasts many improvements from it’s former counterpart. The new motor out paces the former in top speeds and combines that with a range of up to 22.5km, as well as full suspension for a comfortable ride and much more.

The E-TWOW Booster S Scooter prides itself on it’s portability. The patented fast 3-point folding system assures that you won’t find a foldable scooter as ergonomically sound as the Booster S, never has it been easier to store your electric scooter in your car, house, or even under your work desk!

As well as the easy folding capabilities, the Booster S combines this with an extremely light frame that weighs less than 12kg which makes moving your scooter from location to location much, much easier and user-friendly.

Possibly one of the most interesting new features of the Booster S is the implementation of Formula 1 KERS technology, which reduces energy consumption and increases the scooters autonomy by up to 40% by simply pressing on the magnetic brake.

All of our vehicles come with a one year warranty and a free service after six months. It is highly recommended to service your electric scooter semi-regularly as a lot of small, easy and cheap to fix problems can become a lot worse and cause unnecessary detriment to your scooter and possibly a hefty repair bill.

We offer repairs, services and upgrades on all electric scooters. If you are interested in any of this, feel free to contact us!

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Folded length 980mm
Folded height 330mm
;Folded width 150mm
Unfolded length 980mm
Unfolded height 1180mm
Width unfolded 386mm
Weight 11.6kg
Compositions Aluminium
Range 35km
Max Speed 36km
Power 36V, 8.7 Ah, Li-Ion, Samsung Cells
Brakes Drum Brake(Rear)+Electric ABS+Automatic power off function
Motor 500w
Max Weight 110kg
Slope 20°
IP Rating IP54
ABS Yes;

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Black, Grey