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IconBit Tracer Electric Scooter


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IconBit Tracer Electric Scooter

The Iconbit Tracer Street electric scooter is an excellent scooter for those just getting into the trend. At a very affordable price, there’s so much going for this scooter.

The Perfect Starter Scooter For You

The IconBit Tracer electric scooter is a great addition to anyone who’s looking to see if an electric scooter is really for them. The lithium battery ensures the highest quality battery which allows for confident and easy riding, no need to mention the 4-5hr charging time which is definitely on the faster side of charging when it comes to electric scooters.

Robust and Durable

Extremely robust, the IconBit Tracer electric scooter can take a beating and still continue on, the IconBit can be suitable for all ages and also suitable for all clumsy people! Have a look at the specifications down below and be enlightened to the first scooter that started your new found love for electric scooters!

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Display LCD Display
Charge Time 4-5hr
Scooter Weight 11kg
Max Weight 100kg
Top Speed 12.4mph
Max Range 13 miles
Brakes Electric and Mechanical
Power Output 350w
Battery 6.0aH, 36v, Li-Ion
Lights Front LED Light
Tyre Size 8″
Suspension Shock Absorber
Unfolded Size 107 x 117 x 40 (cm)
Foldable Yes