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Nami Burn-E Electric Scooter


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Nami Burn-E Electric Scooter

The Nami Burn-E is one of the most powerful scooters on the market right now, this is truly a high-end piece of machinery.

Wait, Did You Say 60?

That’s right, the Nami Burn-E reaches speeds of up to SIXTY miles per hour, not kilometres, MILES. You also have no reason to worry about burning out your battery within ten minutes due to high speeds, the Nami Burn-E has a ninety mile range.

High-End Scooter, High-End Tech

The Nami Burn-E comes with amazingly comfortable 156mm KKE hydraulic coil shock suspension with rebound adjustment, the material of the scooter has been treated with anti-aging heat treatment, it’s also made out of the same material some airplanes are made from, which is appropriate due to the fact it can feel like you’re gonna take off for flight at top speeds with the Nami Burn-E!

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Motor Sine Drive
Charge Time 12hrs
Scooter Weight 47kg
Max Weight 120kg
Top Speed 60mph
Max Range 90 miles
Brakes Front and Rear Full Hydraulic
Power Output 1500w x2
Battery 72v, 35aH
Lights Front LED, Side LED, Turn Signal
Tyre Size 11″
Suspension Hydraulic Coil Shock with Rebound Adjustment
Throttle Finger
Foldable Yes

Additional information

Tyre Type

On-Road, Off-Road