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Purrfect Wave – Longboard


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Purrfect Wave – Longboard

Make the most of care-free cruising with Saltrock’s Surf Skateboard!

The Atlantic Ocean, North Devon Coast and salty air. For over 30 years, Saltrock; a British, coastal, lifestyle brand, has had holiday, family, spirit and fun at its heart. Designed in the South West since 1988, our humble beginnings grew into a loved Devon brand known for its iconic over 14 boys and girls skateboard designs. Passionately true to our heritage, we still produce surf-inspired designs for our skateboards for girls, boys and adults in Devon, with freedom woven into the heart of our products.


For us, sustainability is about making great value skateboard accessories, whilst reducing and minimising our environmental impact to protect our countryside and coastlines for generations to come. We’re constantly endeavouring to find more sustainable resources and processes, and to say our long boards skate boards understands this memo loud and clear would be an understatement! We’d love for you to join us on this journey, starting with our Purrfect Wave older kids skateboard longboard!

Purrfect Wave – Longboard

Turn heads in the urban jungle in high-roller style. The never-ending quest to find the perfect surf is on the agenda!

We invite you to share the street-surfing ideal with us: Live for the open spaces without limits! Our big boys and girls longboards for kids is an exhilarating way to get started in the great outdoors, whether you’re coasting home sippin’ cranberry juice or bombing down a hill in summer sunset vibes! These longboards bring high performance to beginners and pros alike with just the right blend between durability and freedom to shred. Larger than regular sized skateboards, this land surfer cruiser skateboard is more suitable for longer rides and commutes.

Saltrock Cruiser Skateboard Kids and Adults Longboard, influenced by our passion for the lifestyle we love!

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